Monday, September 28, 2015

Black Bear Film Fest 2015

Happy to be included in this wonderful event.  Look forward to seeing you all!

Bruce Dehnert 'There Is No Customarily'

October 16-18, 2015

Support of innovative and independent films, artistic expression, education, diversity, and cultural enhancement; promotion of the region’s clean air and water, abundant wildlife, natural beauty and the entities that protect them. Recognition of the area’s history as the birthplace of the American conservation movement and as a popular filmmaking location.
Early in the year 2000, an extraordinary group of culturally minded, die-hard creative types huddled around a smoldering fire in an attempt to survive the frightful February freeze. Actually, the bit about the creative types is true but it really took place in a cozy tavern (by the fire) over a bottle of wine and some buffalo burgers. The scene was Milford, Pennsylvania, a mountainside Mecca for cutting-edge professionals and vacationers alike, on the Delaware River only an hour and a half northwest of New York City. And the idea hatched on that frigid February afternoon was a film festival. The Black Bear Film Festival.

Friday, September 11, 2015


Bruce Dehnert. "Ingot." Porcelain. Flashing slip. Wood-fired.

Shigaraki International Woodfire Workshop

Honored to be amongst this year's invited guest artists at the Shigaraki International Noyaki Festival.

Bruce Dehnert.Shigaraki International Woodfire Workshop